Do you have an online business and figuring out how to reach out to your clients through your website? If that is your case, you’ve hit the right spot!

It is our job to guide every client through the process of marketing themselves and making their online business more visible. And this is best done through Search Engine Optimization. For those who are not familiar with SEO, let’s check out what it can do for you and your online business.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

A regular Internet user may not be familiar with or understand what exactly is search engine optimization, but anyone involved with the process of developing a website and marketing it, will tell you the importance of the term in making yourself visible to millions of surfers on the Internet.

Simply put, Search engine optimization is the process by which the traffic to your website is increased. It is the process of modifying your website in such a way that it is easily picked up by search engines and visible to users who search for related terms, related to your website. As a result of this, traffic is directed to your website based on algorithmic or organic similarity.
But like anything else for best results SEO also needs to be personalized. Based on the nature of your business and the nature of your client base, we will personalize the SEO for your website so that when a client searches for a product/interest that is connected to your line of business, your website will be featured high in the prominent seach engines like Google,Yahoo and other prominent search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Most Search engine optimization techniques are primarily focused on getting indexed. Most leading search engines use crawlers that match their algorithmic structures. Some of the online directories though still require manual submission of pages, which are then that are sent for editorial reviews. Some such directories are- The Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory. Now let’s take a look at some commonly used search engine optimization methods and how we can help your website reach top Google and Yahoo rankings by using these methods-

  • Keyword Usage:Using the right keywords is the key to search engine optimization. A website should invest time & research in finding the most relevant or commonly used keywords or phrases, in line with their website. This should then be integrated in the content of the webpage so that it matches with internet users search queries. Depending on your nature of business, we would be able to recommend the right kind of key words that you can use in your web content to be featured in client searches.
  • URL normalization: The process is also known as URL canonicalization in which URLs are revised and given a proper structure. This reduces the number of website featuring duplicate content. In the strategy we include steps like removal of a fragment from the URL, the first domain label, dot-segments and arbitrary and default query string variables, adding a trailing slash for directories, conversion of the host components to the lower case and removal of the default port.
  • Cross linking: Is a process used by us to provide links of different pages belonging to the same website. Here the emphasis is on the home page or the landing page of the website which scores a good PageRank.

We would like to advise our clients that, like in anything else, search engine optimization techniques work best when used in moderation. Excessive use of techniques like forceful keyword stuffing, distorted or cheap content, which not only marks out a webpage as spam, but also has the disastrous results of putting off real time browsers and being banned by the best of Search Engines like Yahoo and Google. At Birbal’s we don’t want short cut methods to spam your website, but instead use proven methods that will sure secure your website a good search engine ranking.

Link Popularity : Almost all of search engines use link popularity in their ranking algorithms. Google uses it as one of the most important factor in ranking sites. Bing, Yahoo and others also use link popularity in their formulas. Developing and maintaining it are therefore essential to your search engine placement.

Link building goes a long way in promoting your online business. If you can get an already established businesses house to link their websites with that of yours, it can be very advantageous for you. In this sphere Birbals would do the necessary research for you and advice you on the right kind of Link ups from which your business could profit, as well as those you need to avoid. This would make your search engine rankings to go up and would also add credibility to your business. Link building also mostly involves reciprocal linking, purchasing links and mutually beneficial arrangements.

Link popularity can do a lot for your site. Not only will many search engines rank you higher, but links from other sites will also drive more traffic to you. Link popularity is much more than a measure of how many links point to a site. Search engines use far more sophisticated formulas to gauge how popular sites are. In general, however, link popularity is measured by the following factors:

Number of Links – The more, the better. Although lots of irrelevant links are less effective than a few relevant ones, they’re better than nothing. Inktomi, a company that provides search results to engines like HotBot, still values the number of links more than anything else.

Link text – The text used to describe a link can also affect your rankings. These three links all point to the same URL but use different text:

Online PRs

We believe that a very big and effective tool for search engine potimization is Online PR. Invest time and energy talking to people who have an interest in your line of business. The huge interest in Social networking sites will explain the effectiveness of this trend and how important it is for you to stay connected to your consumers. It might help you in gauging the interest level of the consumers and talking to them. For this we could help you with advise on and arranging for contests or offers that might seem attractive.

Looking for affordable Search Engine Optimization services? We help you in attaining first page rankings in major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and more..

Search Engine Optimization helps you to:

  • Explode your sales
  • Dominate your competition
  • Calculate fast ROI
  • Minimize your risk
  • Get superior sales results
  • Plan for growth

Birbals takes Web promotion seriously & Our Experts:

  • research your keywords
  • optimize site for high search engine rankings
  • submit your URLs to search engines
  • check your rankings with search engines
  • analyze your visitors with live traffic analysis
  • pinpoint broken links and other errors on your site
  • edit your Web pages in the WYSIWYG mode
  • upload HTML and other files to your server
  • monitor your website to know if it is up or down

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