eCommerce Development

“With ecommerce stores designed and developed by the Birbals, the whole wide world is your business’s customer”. To entice them and bring them back to you every time is a part of our unlimited customer service!


Fill your shopping carts with “loyal customers and increased ROI”, only with Birbals’ designed and developed shopping carts & ecommerce stores.

From retail to e-commerce to m-commerce, the world of shopping has changed extensively. Gone are the days of brick and mortar. Today is the time when people shop after search, research and review from stores that are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With just a click, people buy what they need and what they want. With an online store that promises quality, ease of use, payment security and simple checkout process, stand out in the crowd of your competitors. Come to Birbals today for designing and developing a shopping cart which retains your customers.

At Birbals we know exactly what is a perfect ecommerce store for you. We first understand what is important to your business, and then our group of extremely talented web developerscustom design your store. We not only promise a great online store but also ensures it ease any fears of prospective customers who inhabit doubt for online shopping.

Ecommerce stores developed by Birbals are marked with following not to be missed features:

  • Intuitive Flow

    Any online store should guide the customer seamlessly from one page to another. Be it product catalogue or navigating through the store, the customer should not experience any strain or stress.

  • Simple Checkout process

    An easily understandable checkout process or the one which is effortless is one of the major success factor for any online store. Besides, the clear indication of costs is a win-win factor too. Birbals’ designed and developed stores offers both: the simple checkout process as well as the feature to keep the price transparency. After all, no one likes hidden costs.

  • Bring ‘them’ back

    Our online stores provide you with an innate facility to build “customer email list”. This enables you to keep bringing them back by notifying them of new arrivals or informing them of availability of earlier out-of-stock products. Have the contact information of your prospective clients earlier in the workflow, gives you the chance to build your promotional email campaigns.

  • User Friendly Interface

    Look-and feel of any online store is as important as the ambience of any retail outlet. No one would like to shop from a place which is congested, clumsy, messy or dark. Our stores offer user friendly interface, which is a perfect mix of proper product display as well as where each product has it’s own proper space to win the customer’s heart. Well designed and thoughtfully stacked/grouped products is a great asset. We at Birbals offer you all this!

  • Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Our inbuilt analytics feature gives your insight as to how much time customers (visitors) spent on which product, if they had put it on the shopping cart and later abandoned it (closed the browser/session timed out). The information can be used to better design, promote or organize your store. This is a very critical and necessary piece of information for the success of any ecommerce store. With Birbals’ ecommerce stores, get to the point of Shopping Cart Abandonment problem and start working towards it.

Birbals care for your branding needs. Our stores are well-synced with your other communications and marketing strategy to strengthen your branding efforts. We give extreme attention to details and work with following platforms with equal expertise:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • OsCommerce
  • Volusion

The availability of these many ecommerce platforms makes it possible to use them for different needs and requirements, based on types of businesses, and their intended audience (customers). When you come to Birbals, you do not need to know any of these platforms (even their names, believe us!). We will suggest the one which is the most appropriate for your business, based on your needs and budget. Needless to say, we would well integrate them with the perfect payment gateway solution for prolific sales results.