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They operate as a retail financial service company. It provides payday loan, money transfer, bill payment, small business loans, cash loan up-to $7500 and VISA pre-paid card services. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Berkeley, California

Financial Services, such as:-loans up to $7.5k, payday loans, check cashing, small business financing, MoneyGram money transfers, MoneyGram money orders, NetSpend pre-paid debit cards, electronic bill payment, ATM, tax processing, State of California car registration.


Client wanted to build a web application where the entire loan application process can happen online. Client wanted their customers to fill in all information through web based forms, and get validated with minimal documentation requirements. Based on the information submitted by the customers, client wants the ability to instantly qualify the loan applications. The web application must be fully automate the lending process, from the collecting the information, validate the application and till loan got approved and amount given to the customers.


Designed a new portal, through which customer's can apply loan based on their needs from $50 to $7500. Based on loan amount we will redirect customers to different form and get all required details. Similarly in the back site admin can download the application from each category. They can reach the customer and approve or reject or ask them to re-apply after reviewing all applications


  • HTML,CSS,Java Script, AJAX, Boot Strap
  • PHP
  • MySQL
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