Software Testing

Quality is not a ‘want’, it’s an absolute ‘need’! Birbals recognize this and offers dedicated testing services for your product’s flawless performance & increased ROI.

No matter how much effort has been put into strategizing and developing an application, if it is not functionally fit or cannot take the increasing load or is not stable, all efforts are in vain. Quality testing services play an important role in determining the end product’s success and contribution to your business’s performance. At Birbals, our dedicated QA and testing teams work hard to make sure your applications do not perform what they should not!

Our comprehensive approach to testing

Right from requirements gathering to test planning to setting up the environment for testing, from designing the test cases & scenarios, Birbals’ testers provide you with detailed results which include insights into defects, bugs and errors with their severity and recommendations for improved performance of your application. We test, any and all of these:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Enterprise Web Systems

How do we test?

You bring us your application, and leave the rest to us. From the information-gathering phase, we understand your client’s requirements and the subtle as well as the obvious actions your application must perform. Based on your requirements and concerns, we perform one or many of the following types of test:

  • Functional Testing

    Does your finished application perform as expected and documented in functional requirements specifications documents? to the requirements as stated by your client? Functional testing can be performed manually as well as using automated test scripts. At Birbals, we also perform exploratory testing wherein our testers design their your test cases on the spot while performing the testing. Exploratory testing mimics the end user’s behavior in real life thereby addressing different errors/problems that can be encountered while using the application.

  • Performance Testing

    Birbals offers performance-testing services for mobile applications, web services, websites or ERP systems. The goal is to analyze the performance in terms of its responsiveness, reliability and scalability under different degrees of load. This load can be increasing number of users or the increasing volume of data. Birbals tests your product based on stress, load and volume based criteria. The end result of performance testing is well documented by our team and we are readily able to answer if your product is ready for market.

  • Automated Testing

    For apps, ERP systems and web sites that undergo frequent code changes, testing is required again and again. This increases the overall development time. Hence automation testing plays an important role. We at Birbals, not only offer automated testing services but we help you design the right and efficient strategy for test automation. By understanding your requirements, we select the right tool for automation and develop the required test scripts. We perform the testing and provide our clients with detailed analysis reports. Automation testing increases the testing speed and reduces the time to market of your product.

  • Mobile Testing

    With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, mobile app testing is highly required and recommended. For this, Birbals services start with developing mobile app testing strategy in accordance with your business and testing goals. We test your mobile apps for their performance, end-user ease of use, cross-platform stability and intuitiveness. Our testing is aimed at the fact that mobile apps should be able to perform functionally and efficiently on every platform as intended.

What we work on?

Birbals is a software design, development and testing firm. We also provide digital marketing services. We are one stop shop for all your web-needs. Our team comprises of experts and passionate people who deliver quality in whatever they perform. Our testing personnel have an eye for defects, and specialize in various testing tools. They have years of experience in:

  • Test automation tools like Selenium, QTP, etc.
  • Bug tracking systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, etc.
  • Code review tools like Jstyle, CodeStriker, etc.
  • Mobile testing tools like HP invent Quick Test Pro,Fone Monkey, etc.
  • Performance testing tools like Apache JMeter, LoadRunner, etc.

Why Choose Birbals?

Birbals provide full test as well as QA services and support, right from the beginning till the end of your SDLC. We work with equal ease and knowledge with your chosen methodology, be it classic software engineering or agile. Our methodical and organized testing reduces your application’s time to market. We are flexible and work in timeframe & budget fitting to your needs. Our testers are all highly experienced and certified professionals.

Contact us today and increase quality & ROI plus reduce your costs with Birbals testing services.