Mobile App Development

We take your innovative idea to the market with Birbals “made to order Consumer and Enterprise Mobile Apps.”

Thinking of making your customer’s mobile phones and tablets/iPads even smarter? Think of Birbals! Help people find your business on web easily and make them learn how to navigate to you easily. We are expert and experienced in developing a variety of consumer and enterprise cross platform mobile apps. Our developers are not just app developers, but they are people who understand and have proven track record of what ‘works’ on mobile.

Regardless of what you need, we offer equal expertise and knowledge in mobile app development:

  • iOS App Development: iPhone &iPad
  • Android App Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development (Using Titanium, RhoMobile etc.)
  • Web App Development

Birbals’ team of ‘app’ engineering provides you a lot more than what many other similar companies provide. Here’s a snapshot of our app engineering process:

  • App Consultation & Strategy Development

    Birbals is a good listener. We listen to our client’s requirements and his needs & wants from his app. We offer suggestions based on our experience, and together, create a strategy for the look, feel and functionality of the app.

  • App Design & Development

    The strategy on paper is transformed to elegant and intuitive apps by Birbals’ app design & development team. Our designers and developers are up to date on latest trends and technologies. Our team has worked on several powerful apps in HTML5, Java, JavaScript, C++, Objective-C, Swift, C#, Titanium, SenchaTouch, jQuery Mobile, Adobe AIR etc.

  • App Testing

    Besides design and development, Birbals also offer in-house built app testing or testing apps that you bring to us. Are your apps functional? Do they perform what they were intended to do? Is their quality retained in each built? Are they intuitive? Are they capable to handle more and more number of growing users? Are they antibreach? Yes, Birbals App Testing team delivers these meaningful insights about your apps.

  • App Analytics

    Are you aware how people are using your apps? Do you know what happened that your apps crashed? Are you familiar with the reasons why users uninstall your apps? Our App analytics team takes the success of your app to the next level. We enable you to think and look beyond downloads and revenue. The team at Birbals focuses on measuring user engagement and how to shape marketing campaigns to promote apps and successfully monetizing them. We provide you with up-to-date information and statistics about your app’s performance.

  • App Maintenance

    Birbals also provide App Maintenance services. Under this service, we maintain our client’s apps through several OS upgrades, high-volume downloads and a variety of support services. We make sure the app stays up-to-date. We also help you in app porting i.e. converting applications built for one OS to another, for example, from iOS to Android. Birbals has the skill and experience required to maintain your mobile apps.

Regardless of your company’s profile, it’s product or service offering, we cater different industries. We have developed several apps for startups, big corporates, non-profits, educational institutions, gaming industry, eCommerce, healthcare organizations, financial firms, just to name a few. Working in collaboration with different industry verticals, Birbals knows exactly what clients want in their app:

  • Beauty
  • Functionality
  • Helping their core business grow