Digital Marketing

Birbals stand in your shoes to understand your social and search needs. We tailor fit a digital marketing strategy just for your business!

Internet of Things, ever growing number of websites, millions of mobile apps and websites, web of interconnected people and shorter attention spans, all have forced to change any company’s, big or small, marketing strategy. It has become imperative to attract the right traffic to numerous channels and devices. To build and gain the search and social traffic is the end goal of all digital marketing campaigns. We at Birbals have been exhibiting proven success in this world with our client’s leads converting into prospects and growing revenue.

After listening to your requirements, we just do not offer you ad hoc services. We first understand your needs and evaluate your current marketing efforts. We assess which marketing channel(s) will work the best for you in supporting your marketing and sales goals. We provide you help with all these digital marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Gone is the time when doing SEO meant stuffing keywords in content and trying to count how many links you got from the ‘big’ websites (the high rankings one). Today, SEO is about quality content and content marketing. It’s about this content being shown at the right places and at the right time. We at Birbals understand this and offer SEO consulting to start with and give our clients an idea as to how they can leverage the power of real SEO. We also provide general site evaluation for SEO purposes, Web Analytics set up, SEO campaign setup & management.

  • Social Media Optimization

    Social media optimization services by Birbals refine your website’s interface, look-feel and usability for your intended audience and prospective customers. It’s like cleaning your shop before you can open it. Our team knows the in and out of both on-page as well as off-page SEO. We organize your content so as to make it shareable across various social media and networking sites.

  • Social Media Marketing

    The Social Media Marketing team at Birbals, market your website. That includes creating promotional campaign for different platforms. We start with analyzing your current communication, your requirements, and competitor analysis. After this phase, Birbals curate your content to showcase your brand as well as support your brand image on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. With Birbals, you don’t have to worry anything about social media post creation, scheduling as well as maintaining your social network.

  • Content Marketing

    Having great products or services is not enough in today’s cutthroat competitive marketplace. A company has to tell people about them in the right way, in the effective way. That is Content Marketing. Birbals content marketing is a strategic process where we understand your company mission and vision. We go through your company goals, who is your targeted market segment and accordingly we create and distribute content on your websites and communication platforms. We provide you content that creates action.

  • Pay Per Click

    Whether you are looking for revamping your existing PPC campaign or start an entirely new one, you need the expert team at Birbals. We offer PPC’s Ad text creation, Ad submission and monitoring as well as PPC Audit that include a 360-degree analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of PPC campaign. We bring you greater ROI by placing your ads at the relevant sites, nowhere but at the top.

  • Web Analytics

    Web Analytics is like getting a view inside your customer’s mind. What they are searching for, what they like and dislike, what they buy and what they return, all this user behavior on your product/service website is useful! You need to understand, track, analyze and gain insights from user’s behavior. At Birbals, we take this responsibility to look inside your customer’s mind and present you with detailed reports, charts, graphs and numbers. This further lays the foundation for predictive analysis. Come to Birbals with your concerns and we shall into your data, give you the perfect useful answers.

  • Email Marketing

    Many think email marketing is dead! We proudly say no! Through Birbals targeted and well drafted emails, we push ‘send’ button and brings the client closer to you. We do not write online pitches that are pushy, annoying and commercial. We study what your audience likes and believes in. Our email drip campaigns are specifically targeted and aims at deepening your relationship with your clients.