Concept Design

Birbals do not believe in Mix-n-Match when it comes to Branding. “It all has to match: website colors, company’s logo, template for annual reports, products & other business offerings to name a few”!

Brand identity is as important as having a great product. Birbals in-house designers help create a brand identity for a business. But that’s just not what we provide. We offer you consistent brand identity. We do not believe in mix-and-match. Say it everywhere, the same format, the same intensity, and people will believe you. Don’t you remember an eaten apple is the Apple logo. Yes, repeatedly conveying it makes you remember it as the back of your hand. We give our clients branded content in form of logos, graphic materials for ads, presentations, banners, slogans, we give different templates etc., all to paint the positive and the right picture of your business.

  • Logo Design

    Logos that stay in people’s memories are effective. For the team of Birbals, logos are just not colors or lines. Our designers are in sync with your business needs

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  • Graphic Design

    Whether you need a graphic for your business’s Facebook cover, or for your company’s presentation or you want a stunning graphic image for your newsletter

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  • Customized Template Design

    Branded content and structure is needed everywhere, whether online or offline. The experienced and creative team of Birbals offers you a wide selection

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  • Infographics Design

    So, you want to convey content in a textual as well as not-so-boring way! Infographics are your answer and Birbals designed infographics your solution.

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