Advanced UX/UI Design

"Blue is not everybody's favorite!" Come to Birbals and see how we create websites, designed uniquely just for YOU!

Our team well versed in latest web technologies, create a visual identity for your business. We are a company that understands that "blue is not everybody's favorite". Having said that, we know each industry has it's own requirements for feel-and-look as well as the intended audience is different. Yes, we speak different industry's jargons, be it real estate, shipping, mortgage, cuisine, law, etc. and we make sure our website design reflects that.

We are proud that the websites designed by Birbals are:

  • Intuitive

    Intuitive website design guides the user to do what they want to do, but without telling them what to do! Yes, Intuitive design technology is implicit. Our designers design the website as if they are the user. Intuitive design is all about user experience and ease! Our websites give your users an amazingly fulfilling user experience.

  • Responsive

    Responsive website design technology enables websites to be rendered correctly on multiple devices. View it on desktop or tablet or phone! Responsive design ensures that the page content and width is adjusted accordingly. It also offers benefit of improved loading times and site speed.

  • Scalable

    Your users expect your site to load quickly. They want to read/write on your website without any wait times. The website should be able to handle massive traffic as your clientele, readers and visitors grow. Yes, scalability is a need today in times of big data. Our design team creates scalable websites based on an impeccable architecture.

  • Aesthetic

    Our websites are pleasing to the eye. Yes, ideally a website should compel conversion but "appearance" is the first factor any website has to satisfy. We provide customized web design solutions, uniquely catering to your business vision and your specific audience. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

  • Affordable

    Ok! So, you have found someone to design beautiful and technically sound websites. Great! There is only one problem, the pricing: it's skyrocketing! We at Birbals work with you at the best competitive rates and provide you, your unique, fully customized website at economically affordable pricing.