Search Engine Marketing

Many of you who are in the online business would have heard of the term Search Engine Marketing and asked yourself if you really need it for your business. Often we think that if we are in a niche business or if we already have a moderate number of people who know us, we don’t really need to spend too much time, energy and money on Search Engine Marketing. But if you look at the dynamic dimensions that such strategies can do for your business, you just might change your mind.

From a purely marketing and sales strategy point of view let’s tell you how at Birbals we can help you with our specific Search Engine Marketing techniques that are customized and planned for each client and business line.

How Search Engine Marketing can help you?

There are plenty of online marketing techniques that have evolved over the years but one tried and tested process over a period of time that still continues to be the top draw amongst Internet marketers is search engine marketing. Most companies that indulge in search engine marketing aim at improving the visibility of online businesses on these leading search engines. Such a kind of marketing is essentially done through paid placement, contextual advertising, search engine optimization, paid inclusion, and many other tools.

Statistics in the year 2008 show that advertisers in North America spent as much as $13.5 billion for search engine marketing. Most popular places to practice SEM are Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing. However, having said that many online business owners may become confused with which search engine marketing too needs to be applied to their particular business. The pay per click model is a good Search engine marketing tool that has resulted in good yields. In such a case the advertiser pays a fixed amount for every click on the ad posted by him. You might try this out to attract visitors too.

Pay Per Click Bidding for Key Words/Search Phrases

Pay Per Click search engines guarantee top listings for selected keywords. These keywords or search phrases are the ones relevant to the client’s business and are bid upon by the client and his competitors. The highest cost of pay-per-click for a key phrase gets the top-most placement and consequently the greatest and most targeted traffic. Bidding for keywords in Overture and Google is another method of capturing the right kind of traffic – the customers who are looking specifically for your product or service. We offer a Paid Pay Per Click Search Engine Keyword Management Services to increase the Website Traffic

At Birbals we create Effective Search Engine Marketing Plans and customize them for you to draw potential clients for your business.

Creating Brand Awareness through SEM

It is very important to create brand awareness for your online business. You can establish the credibility of your product with client testimonials so that prospective clients who visit your website maybe more inclined to do business with you. We not only tell you how this will be done but also guide you through the different avenues of and potentials of utilizing social media to increase awareness about your brand.


Analytics forms an integral part of Internet marketing. These include the maintenance of server logs and web analytics data that may be interpreted to come to a consensus regarding the appropriate optimization and marketing campaign for your website. Analytics help you in determining the location from which there have been consistent hits on your website thereby making room for geo-targeting. Our technical team is fully equipped to give you these detailed information that goes a long way in knowing where it makes sense to spread your business and who are the likely customers.